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Dinerware's open-architecture design, borne from SQL, affords our users to take control of their POS systems.  We integrate rock-solid reliability with top-quality hardware, card processing and management techniques to ensure seamless uptime and unparalleled ease of use.

See POS selection guidelines or download the POS Shopper's Guide (PDF) here.

New and affordable next-generation technology is finally available for use in your foodservice operation where every dollar, every minute and every customer are valuable to the lifeblood of your success.  Diner Data Systems proudly offers Dinerware® Intuitive Restaurant Software as a cost-effective, superior alternative to legacy POS systems.  It will never let you down.

Built with state-of-the-art SQL database design, Dinerware is the most affordable and advanced POS option available today.  Low total cost of ownership is a reality with Dinerware, and there are no mandatory service contracts.

Dinerware has been recognized by Hospitality Technology Magazine as #1 in Ease of Administration, #1 in Total Cost of Ownership and #1 in User Satisfaction.


Contact us to coordinate your financing, equipment and other needs:

  • Leases for POS, Furniture & Appliances
  • Cash Advances from $1k to $250k
  • Telephony Contracts
  • Print Advertising
  • Menu Design
  • F&B Analyses
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Site Build-outs

Our established relationships with financial services institutions and equipment manufacturers allow us to offer these services to you at no additional cost. 

Learn more about acquiring what you need to run your operation successfully and profitably.

You have freedom to use any processor & any bank.
Protect your business with Dinerware's PCI-Compliant software while lowering your processing costs.

Our turnkey solutions include credit, debit, check, gift card and loyalty processing through various integrated transaction processing companies which enhance point-of-sale systems with payment methods that are fast, reliable and affordable.  Operators can leverage the reliability and enhanced efficiency of integrated payment processing to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Rates are amongst the most competitive available, and you won't need third-party software or credit card terminals!

In addition, Dinerware's multiple processing options all yield superior processing that is fast and PCI-compliant, meaning you won't have to worry about a security breach. Processing support is rarely needed but is available around-the-clock at no additional cost to you. Other benefits of choosing Dinerware can include no-fee gift card processing and web-based reporting.

We can ensure that your card data is safe when using Dinerware. Contact us for a free PCI evaluation to assess your operation's security.

Our Commitment
In addition to restaurant touchscreens and backoffice solutions, we provide a wide variety of services geared toward restaurateurs, caterers and hoteliers.  From quick-service cafés to private clubs and resorts, our vast resources include tools and operations support that’ll enable you to run your business proactively instead of reactively.
Whether you are currently operating a business, planning a start-up or converting an existing site, we realize that there is no task that should be taken lightly when it comes to profitability.  That’s why we’ll even stay behind after your project is complete to ensure that the food’s hot and the beer’s cold because your customer — the diner — is ultimately our customer as well.  We can help you drive your business to reflect the diner data and sales numbers you’re looking for.
We take care of you so you can take care of your customers.  It's that simple.
Holoret Resource Management also invests in viable hospitality operations.
Qualified prospects will have a minimum of $75k liquidity.  Agents considered.

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