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Dinerware for Cafés and Diners

Powerful SQL-based Dinerware is extremely robust and dependable. No matter how many orders are being processed at the same time on multiple workstations, your system won't get bogged down. It can be scaled from one touchscreen on one counter to multiple workstations in multiple environments.


Fast-Casuals, Bistros & Buffets

Dinerware is extremely intuitive and enables staff to turn tables fast. Settle a ticket within two touches and manage the menu during the lunch rush in seconds from any terminal without a system restart. Access to functions can be assigned to individuals or jobs -- unlike legacy systems.


Fine Dining -- Dinerware for Complete Restaurant Management

Created by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, Dinerware is designed from your point of view to have coursing, a customer relationship database and customizable payment tenders. Dinerware enables you and your staff to create a superior dining experience for your customers every time.


Night Clubs and Bars: Drive More Revenue

Dinerware makes it easy to manage happy hours on-the-fly. Create comps, coupons and automatic discounts in seconds. Customer Smart Search™ allows you to view a customer's favorite items! And with an item countdown feature, it's perfect as a fast, efficient way to manage tabs and sell more to groups.


Dinerware's Enterprise and Chain Capabilities

Harness the power to customize or add off-the-shelf products with Dinerware's SQL-based open architecture. Designed to give you control, it also supports open hardware platforms that allow you to maximize your IT resources. Next-generation technology such as Web-ordering is now an affordable reality.

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